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Central Wheatbelt Imports supply a large range of high-quality LED light bars Australia-wide.

Sourcing products from some of the world’s leading manufacturers, we stock some of the best led light bars on the market.  Our range includes EMC-compliant curved LED light bars, double and single-row LED light bars and LED spot lights, suitable for 4x4s, tractors and a variety of heavy machinery.

You can buy LED light bars now from our online shop, or contact us for advice on the best product for your needs and to place an order. Alternatively, send us an email sales@cwimports.com.au or give us a call on (08) 9335 2700.

The use of LED driving light bars is arguably the easiest and most effective way of improving distant and peripheral visibility in the dark. Certain models also feature 3-dimensional reflectors, which generate additional light. Becoming increasingly popular, light bars are fast replacing traditional spotlights and the numerous LED light bar reviews found on our Testimonials page and across the internet are testimony to this.

Trusted by Australian drivers for over 15 years, at Central Wheatbelt Imports, we stock some of the best LED light bars in Australia.

Curved LED Light Bars

We stock the Osram LED curved light bars, which are durable, weather-resistant, shock-proof, and easy-to-fit on numerous off-road vehicles and farming equipment.

We have found these lights to produce in excess of 20% more useable light than the 10-watt bars we stocked originally.

2-Row LED Light Bars

It is important to realize that different light configurations supply different quantities of light. Being more compact, 10-Watt 2-row CREE LED light bars are well-suited for mounting around machinery, whereas single-row 10-Watt CREE lights are great for forward vision on a huge range of vehicles and machinery.

We can also supply a range of mounting brackets to correctly and safely mount your lights to your machinery.

Whether you’re looking for a specific tractor LED light bar, or advice on which light bar to buy for your 4×4, our friendly team can help.  Our personal experience in farming places us in an ideal position to give advice that has genuine practical value.

Contact us to get the best advice on which light systems and combinations are best for you.

Call us on (08) 9335 2700 to discuss why you might need multi-volt machinery lighting, or why 12-volt LED tractor lights are sufficient for your requirements.

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