Camera attached to the end of a 70ft Auger
Camera attached to end of 70Ft Auger

Hi Craig
Thought I’d share this photo.
We purchased a camera & screen system off you last October & mounted it at the end of the auger as you can see as per photo which I took from the screen in the tractor.
We were very pleased with the system as it made maneuvering the auger into the silos much easier when you are on your own.
The silos are 35ft high and the auger was 70ft long.



The Lightbar survived better than the window!
Tough Lightbars

Just received attached photo from a client who purchased and fitted a ledlb12x10SP Lightbar to his JCB for extra light whilst stacking hay in his 700 Hectare hay program.

The LightBar provided all the light required(plus some) and survived the bale of hay falling on it!! Just needed re-adjusting.

Spinners on spreader
Easier and safer farming

We use CWI imports for many reasons. Put simply great customer service and great products! I have been using CWI Imports nozzles for over 12 years with huge success.

Due to a back injury I went searching for ways of minimizing stress on myself and my employee’s  bodies, especially in those busy times like seeding and harvest with the use of cameras. After looking around at many options I once again turned to Craig for his expertise and knowledge for help. I could see what I was getting and touch the product versus buying online and hoping for the best. After using the first camera system we now have them in all the Utes, air seeder, boom spray, on all the augers to see in the silos without climbing up ladders, super spreader, and trucks. They have worked perfectly and we haven’t had a failure to date. They connect to each other so it doesn’t matter what hooks up to what and the picture quality is great.

We also used CWI imports blue light on the boom spray this year and what a difference made for boom spraying at night.

Thanks CWI imports for great products and service to match.

Regards, James Jefferies, Duranillan, WA

Photo is of spinners on super spreader and screen rotates to inside spinner tub for second image.

Billericay Air Bubble Jets

By the way a couple of months ago I purchased my second set of your Billericay air bubble jets after being so impressed by my first set. I set up some of that water sensitive paper and compared it to my previous jets and I was blown away by how uniform the droplet size was and also the drift was significantly less. Thanks for selling such a high quality product. Norm, NSW

Received above by email from a client discussing lights for his JD9420. My sentiments exactly as we have always stated that they have a condensed droplet spectrum.

wireless cameras doing the job

Hi Craig.
Really impressed with the camera screen combo I purchased from you – the magnetic base unit is brilliant – stick it anywhere – 800 km on corrugations didn’t move it a millimetre and never missed a beat.
Hooking up trailers no longer entails outbursts of profanities …..
Best Regards

Dane purchased a 7in Wireless screen along with our new wireless magnetic base rechargeable camera to help him hitching up trailers with his contracting business. He then mounts the camera at the rear of the load for rear vision whilst driving.

We do not receive a lot of feed-back but this feedback was really genuine and greatly appreciated, thanks Dane!