Magnetic base, rechargeable camera for out-loading grain
Wireless cameras working a treat.

Hi Craig, just wanted to let you know that the new wireless camera and screens are working a Treat!. As you said, connectivity has improved over the old version we had and we now receive a signal the full length of the road train with no dropping out. We can actually pick a signal up 3-400 metres away from the field bins!!

As a quick fix on the second set of bins, we attach the magnetic base camera with built in battery on the auger chute on the first load in the morning, works a treat as it holds its charge all day which saves my knees from getting in and out of the cab all day to load.

Once again, thanks for your help Craig!

R.S. Pingelly WA

Safer Operations

Hi Craig,

just wanted to let you know that the 5in screen with 2 cameras we fitted in the tele-handler works a treat. We have mounted a camera on front right light arm looking backwards to give us vision in the blind spot and when we hit reverse the camera mounted on the engine cover operates. No excuses for any one backing into anything now!!

We have a few of your setups now on varying machines and they all pay there way in increased productivity and less damage and downtime.

A good product, recommend to anyone



Magnetic base rechargeable camera used for loading Oats, camera visible on end of auger
Wireless Camera’s Work

Hi Craig,

Just thought I would send you these photos of the Wireless Screen and Magnetic Base Rechargeable Camera that we purchased from you at the Wagin Woolorama, as we are very happy with quality and end result. Against your advice we did power up the screen from Cigarette lighter and just stuck the camera on the end of the Auger.

We are out loading oats and need to fill trailers to the top with 8 piles. This used to require in and out of the truck cab to ensure correct loading. With camera magnet-ed to the end of our 50 foot auger it does not move even when auger is empty and vibrating. it takes about 30 seconds to set up and can be used on anything. Out-loading is now a one man job and a lot quicker.

Thanks for talking me into buying!!



Western Australia

Camera attached to the end of a 70ft Auger
Camera attached to end of 70Ft Auger

Hi Craig
Thought I’d share this photo.
We purchased a camera & screen system off you last October & mounted it at the end of the auger as you can see as per photo which I took from the screen in the tractor.
We were very pleased with the system as it made maneuvering the auger into the silos much easier when you are on your own.
The silos are 35ft high and the auger was 70ft long.



Tough Lightbars

Just received attached photo from a client who purchased and fitted a ledlb12x10SP Lightbar to his JCB for extra light whilst stacking hay in his 700 Hectare hay program.

The LightBar provided all the light required(plus some) and survived the bale of hay falling on it!! Just needed re-adjusting.