Wireless Camera in trailer for loading grain
CWI7WL4CAMR love them

Below feed-back from one of our oldest dealers about one of their clients

The guy in C……. with kit CWI7WL4CAMR is very happy. He brought a kit from, eBay and fitted it all up on his road train. Only to find he couldn’t get them to work. They worked on the kitchen table. But found out the camera’s only had about a 5 meter range. Was not happy.

He is so happy with CWI cameras he was enquiring about another set!

As I say, every road-train should have a set!

9in Quad Screen on Hay Baler
Cameras on hay balers do aid operators

Hi Craig, just letting you know that the camera system we installed on  our hay baler on your recommendation is doing everything you promised. The front camera saves a lot of turning around especially if we are having knotter issues which we can pick up before the monitor tells us. The two side ones are handy as we can see when the rams bottom out and so we don’t over load the machine. The one out the rear we don’t see a lot because of the dust but is handy for rear vision whilst going down the road. Overall this system will save our operators a lot of twisting and we should be able to produce more even bales and we will be able to use the screen for other jobs once baling is finished.

Bruce H

Western Australia

Nice Feedback

Hi Craig.

Thank you for your advice in selecting the monitor and cameras for a complete system for our truck, and adapting to existing Setups in other equipment. Everything ordered to date works and works well. Look forward to fitting recent purchase and making the job safer, easier and more efficient.
Thanks again for prompt delivery, I will be chasing you up for future needs.
Regards Peter.


Oldies but goodies
Oldies but Goodies

Just received attached photo from a long standing client ready to upgrade his lighting.

These led6x10SP purchased in June 2013 have seen 3 utes out, hit 15 odd roos, been attacked with an angle grinder to make fit and now being replaced as one input wire has broken!!

Client has upgraded to a ledlb24x10/2row, good choice

Thanks for the photo John!!

Harvest safety with Cameras
Hi Craig,

Just writing to let you know we are needing a new camera system for a replacement header we’ve had to purchase after ours burnt to the ground recently and to let you know that if it wasn’t for the camera setup the outcome could have been a lot worse.

Whilst we lost a header, 60′ front & chaff cart, we still have the operator (my daughter)!
And no, she’s not an inexperienced operator, this is her 10th harvest.

Everything was working fine, no alarms, no smell of smoke (because of the wind direction), she just noticed a slight orange glow in the rear facing camera, got out to investigate and kaboom, up it went. The fuel tank exploded as she was running for the firefighter, but by then there was nothing she could do, the whole lot was engulfed in flames.

Had she not noticed that orange glow in the camera and got out of the header when she did, it could have been a very different story. Orange glow was visible as this happened at about 10.00pm.

L.K. Western Australia

Editors Note: I don’t know about you, but reading this sent chills up my spine!!